Childrens Eyecare

To book your free child eye test call 01162544066

To book your free child eye test call 01162544066

1 in 5 children in the UK have an undetected eye problem

Vision and learning are closely related – 80% of what children learn is through vision

Eye tests at schools are no longer mandatory

Under 19s in full time education are entitled to a free eye test and a contribution towards glasses on the NHS


Babies, toddlers, schoolchildren and students under 19 should be examined every 12 months. Regular eye examinations are essential to ensure that their eyes are equipped to receive visual information accurately, comfortably and safely.


Eyes are vital to a child’s ability to read, concentrate and understand. Many learning problems can be associated even with minor eye defects. That’s why regular eye examinations are essential to helping your child focusing at school.


Special Needs Coordinators in Leicester schools and colleges or educational psychologists will refer most children to us, if your child is experiencing learning difficulties.

At While Opticians we are able to test those who have visual dyslexia – problems with reading from conventional printed pages.

The first stage is to test to see if the eyes are working properly together, known as visual tracking.

Visual Tracking is poor or unstable co-ordination of the two eyes (binocular instability) or a reduced ability to focus close to. These visual problems can cause eyestrain, visual distortions, or headaches. This may slow reading and discourage children from prolonged reading.

Colour Overlay Assessment: By changing the colour of the background of text, may help with reading. We assess the rate (speed) of reading by presenting different colour overlays, if a specific colour helps, then we can provide you with overlays to take and try at school or home. If these help then we can prescribe precision tinted spectacle lenses to wear using our new Intuitive Colorimeter.

Not all dyslexics suffer from ‘visual stress’, and sometimes non-dyslexics may benefit from coloured overlays or tints also.

If the overlay is helpful, we then suggest a specific precision tint in spectacles COLORIMETRY