Contact Lenses

Free trial lenses before you buy, terms apply

Free trial lenses before you buy, terms apply

Where do I start?

First, an eye examination is needed for the optometrist to judge whether contact lenses are suitable for you and whether they will fulfil your expectations and provide realistic benefits. Our optometrists specialise in contact lens fitting and will fully discuss the pros and cons of contact lenses for your individual needs.

Should you wish to proceed, a contact lens examination and trial fitting will be necessary. Free trial periods will be arranged if applicable. No commitment to purchase lenses need be made until this point is reached, only the examination and initial fitting fees are payable.

What type of contact lenses?

The type of contact lens to suit your specific needs, whether daily, monthly, annual or gas permeable, will be decided after discussing your requirements.

The price of your lenses will depend on the type of lens, the material it is made of and of course your individual prescription. This can only be quoted for after your initial examination and trial fitting.

All procedures and consultations required to perfect your fitting are included in the original price of the lenses. Specially trained clinical assistants will provide all the tuition and advice required in the use of your lenses, and we will always be on hand for regular aftercare. A full 12 months professional aftercare service is also included in the price of the lenses.

The contact lens fitting fee includes all the appointments that your Optometrist recommends during the fitting process (minimum of 2), an appointment with our clinical assistant to teach you how to insert and remove the contact lenses and trial contact lenses for you to take home to try.

It is very important that we see you regularly to ensure the comfort and health of your eyes whilst wearing the contact lenses. Your Optometrist will advise you when your aftercare appointments are due. Aftercare appointments are free to patients who purchase disposable contact lenses directly from us.

Our Contact Lens Service

Simply book your appointment for an eye examination and we will make your contact lens experience as safe and easy as possible.